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destructive habits

Get Unstuck from Destructive Habits

Destructive habits come in many forms, some extreme and some not so extreme. And sufferers are often unaware of how much damage their self-destructive behavior is causing themselves or others. Many people struggle with a wide range of destructive habits and behaviors. A destructive habit is represented through any deliberate action that has a negative impact on your mind or body.

Identifying self-destructive habits and behavior in yourself or others is a matter of keeping an objective point of view when it comes to what’s really going on in a person’s mind. Self-destructive people tend to avoid responsibilities and opportunities. And because a destructive habit involves excessive attention on the self, they tend to forget or be emotionally unable to do things, becoming unreliable eventually.

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Some other signs of a destructive habit include neediness and a constant desire for approval and recognition, addictive and compulsive behaviors. And generally speaking, a destructive habit or behavior is usually a response to something that struck at a person’s self-worth, often at a young age, such as a traumatic experience or a failure followed by rejection, the loss or absence of a parent or other key figure. Any experience that affected a person’s psychological foundation can produce a negative self-image that results in destructive habits or behavior.

One way for you to change a destructive habit that you don’t like is to find the positive intention behind the behavior. Just assume there was a good reason why that particular habit developed. Maybe it helped you to avoid feeling anxious or nervous. Or to ignore something you didn’t want to deal with.

Look back at when that destructive habit began and see what thoughts and feeling emerge. What was happening at the time and what decisions did you make? Discovering what was there in the past, can give you a greater ability to make healthier choices in the present.


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