Theta Audio Programs


    Theta (4 – 7.9 Hz.) is the perfect state for adding new programs into your subconscious because when you are in this state,  your subconscious mind is recording and not playing. Listening to a 5hz – 6hz binaural beat and in the same time new programs like “I am” affirmations is the perfect match.

    Binaural beats are safe for everybody to use, but there are certain categories of people that should talk first to a doctor before attempting to use them:

    • Those likely to suffer seizures because the shift in brainwaves can activate them;
    • Those dealing with heart issues, as brain waves highly impact the heart’s rhythm;
    • Those dealing with mental disorders;
    • Children;
    • Pregnant women;
    • Those who are driving and operating heavy machinery should not listen to binaural beats while performing such tasks.


    *headphones are recommended*

    Theta Audio Programs