“Some people get lost for so long, that they forget what it was like to be themselves.”

Sometimes, to find yourself you have to lose yourself first somewhere along the way. You might feel confident and content one day, and totally confused and conflicted the next.
We all felt at some point in life that feeling of regret and hopelessness questioned our purpose and our beliefs. Feelings, such as hatred for one’s self, hopelessness, and remorse come from a variety of things in our day-to-day life. And this can put a great deal of stress on our body, physically and mentally.

We get at those times in our life when things are out of our control and we have the choice of giving up or keep going. Everyone has pain and everyone has that point in their life when they think to themselves: “What I am doing with my life?” “What purpose do I have?”. There is more to us than flesh and blood, there are ambition and human spirit and we all have been put on this Earth for a purpose. Find yours and don’t settle for less.


If you want to succeed, you must be willing to work for it. Don’t let failure to stop you. Learn from mistakes and try your hardest.


You are the only one who controls your life and you must be open to failing in order to succeed.Accepting the fact that you might fail is one of the biggest steps that will keep you trying until you will taste the success.


To get to know yourself again, you have to walk through darkness, not avoid it. Your emotions can tell you a lot about your current situation and can help you to change. Your intuition always serves your highest good, so, when you feel lost, go deep within and learn how to listen to your feelings.


At some point in life, any of us can lose touch with ourselves in some manner. The key to finding ourselves once again, however, is to believe in ourselves. Learn how to trust your intuition and inner voice.


We all need some variety every once in a while and we can reinvent ourselves and become even better than before by learning a new skill or keeping ourselves occupied with new activities. The routine, monotony, and repetition can all contribute to the path of becoming lost. Step outside of your comfort zone and experience something new, do something you avoided doing or visit a place you have never been before.


Self-acceptance is our ability to accept negative things about ourselves. When you accept who you are, you make a step towards finding yourself, because you cannot fully know yourself until you recognize the aspect about yourself that you don’t like. When we identify both the positive and negative characteristics, we can strengthen the positive ones by applying them towards goals.


Ask yourself as many questions as you can. “Who am I?” ” What I am doing?”, “What do I want?”,  “Where am I going?” “What could I do today better than yesterday?” “How can you find yourself?” etc.
When you are asking yourself questions, you are developing a habit that will only translate into finding yourself and improve your problem-solving abilities.

“It’s okay to feel alone, lost and empty. For everything that’s lonely, finds its company, Everything lost is meant to be found and everything empty eventually gets filled. So see it like this: think about all the terrible times you have lived through, and think about they, too, have passed. You’re a survivor and you have to go through hell to find heaven. The same way you must break in order to find yourself whole again.” – R.M.Drake



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