GET YOUR MINDSET RIGHT & OVERCOME LAZINESS – 2017 Motivational Video for Success in Life


Video Summary

Motivational video, Get Your Mindset Right & Overcome Laziness

A lot of people out there are close to trying to improve themselves by looking for the one change. The one change, right? The one change in their life that is gonna make their dreams come true. It isn’t one thing. And it isn’t 10 things. And it isn’t 100 things. It isn’t a quick path and there are no shortcuts.

What do you do when a thousand other people want exactly what you want? What do you do when you’re not the only one that wants to make a million dollars a year company? You’re not the only one that wants to be a CEO. What if you’re not the only one that wants what you want? What if there are thousand of other people who want what you want? You have to outwork them. You gotta out grind them. And you gotta get up earlier.


There is no excuse. No second path. There is no plan B. It’s WIN or NOTHING! 


When you earn something, when you accomplish something, when you create something from nothing and you make it happen, nobody can take that away from you.

You have to have something that separates you from everybody else on Earth. And until you find out that something, you will be stressed and you will be struggling. But everybody has it or everybody can create it. It is possible. You have to work. And you have to have an idea.

You have to have goals. If you have a goal for what you wanna do in life, then you can see that brighter vision for yourself and start taking action and moving towards it. If you don’t have any goals, if you don’t know what you wanna do, then it’s easy to be lazy. Cause you have nothing to get you inspired and motivate you to do something. People have a goal for what they wanna go and accomplish. And they maybe take like, a micro step. And then they stop. So it’s being consistent. And I think far more than anything else, I think the whole’s people back isn’t the lack of the vision, it’s the lack of consistency and taking action towards the vision.


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