How to handle failure? Let’s be true. We all make mistakes.

Most of us know that failure is a reality of life that we need to face, and at some level, we understand that it actually help us grow. But even so, we hate to fail. We fear it, and when it does happen, we hold onto it and we give it power over our emotions.

But why is it so hard to forgive ourselves and move on? And how can we keep failure from overcoming us?

And How To Handle Failure?

  • In the first place, just accept how you feel

Of course that when you’ve just failed it will most likely hurt. Less or more. But that’s ok. Don’t try to push it away by distracting yourself, and don’t try to paint it over with a smile. Try to accept it, to let it in and to hurt you for a while instead of trying to reject it and to keep it away. If you reject how you really feel, then those emotions will overwhelm you at unexpected times later and can make you angry, sad, moody or pessimistic.

  • Try and have a positive attitude

After you encounter with failure, you may need to go back and pay attention to the attitude you had towards achieving your goal. You should have a positive attitude and be ready for success in any moment. The right kind of attitude spells hope, motivation, and positivity in each and every aspect of life and will give you the opportunity you seek.

  • Release the need for approval of others

Often, our fear of failure is actually grounded in our fear of being judged and lose other’s esteem and respect. We are very easily influenced by what people say about us. And we need to remember that this is our life and not theirs.

  •  Move on and believe in yourself

Dealing with failures, most times requires will, encouragement and self-motivation. You have to believe in yourself that you can eventually make it work. And you need to be capable of facing the most difficult failures and obstacles.


Richard Branson once said, “don’t be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” Make failing a part of the game if you want to win and don’t stop from trying again.



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