“Be fanatically positive and militantly optimistic. If something is not to your liking, change your liking.”
Rick Steves

Be happy! Approaching your life with positivity makes a very big difference to how happy and peaceful you are. When you bring a positive attitude into your life, everything can actually seem easier and you get positivity in return.

While this it may not sound easy, and it might take practice to stay positive even during tough times, the effort is well worth.

I. Find the optimistic viewpoint when you face challenges and choose a positive response.

When you find yourself in what seems like a negative situation- maybe you made a mistake or you have failed or stumbled in some kind of way, you need yo learn how to choose the best perspective possible in any given situation and ask yourself  “What is the opportunity of this situation?”, “What is good or not about it?” and ‘What might this situation be helping me to learn?’

A way to be peaceful, to be happy and positive when you face a challenge is to notice the thoughts and feelings you’re having about the issue. Acknowledge that you absolutely have the ability to choose your perspective about the situation.

II. Believe in yourself!

Being positive starts within you. It has little to do with what’s going on around you in life. It has everything to do with your inner world.

One thing that makes it so much easier to be positive and to be happy is to believe in yourself and feel good about yourself. Otherwise, it might be challenging to maintain a positive attitude about life in general.

To cultivate and live in a positive environment and relationship with yourself you might first practice forgiving yourself for anything you’ve been beating yourself about. For example, mistakes you made in the past, regrets, guilt, unfulfilled dreams or unmet goals and acknowledge all the things there are to love about yourself- your talents, skills, strengths, achievements, and dreams on your life journey so far.

III. Start your day in a positive way.

Having a daily routine for positivity helps you stay on track and usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. Start your each day with exercise, meditation, positive affirmations, gratitude and focus your energy in a positive direction. In one word, be happy. Celebrate the things you achieved in your day, no matter how small they are and give thanks for any blessing in your life.


Choosing to be positive in your daily life leads you to greater inner peace and happiness. Not only do people respond to your positivity, but life itself. The more positive you are, the more positive energy and things you manifest and attract.


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