MIND CONTROL – New Motivational Video (very powerful)


Mind control

“Control your mind, control your world. The choice is yours.”

At one point or another, finding the motivation to carry out tasks can be difficult, but you can always control what you think and how you behave in this kind of situation. A lot of us are just sitting around waiting to feel ready, or courageous or confident. And we make our decisions based on how we feel at the moment. But that is the problem, we need to take CONTROL of the moment! 

Laying in bed and hoping that you wake up some morning motivated and changed is not the answer. The change needs to come from your mind. You have to learn to push yourself and you’ve gotta learn how to take action when you don’t feel like.

Be prepared to take any and every opportunity that is presented to you because nothing is just gonna happen. Self-doubt, worry, procrastination, overthinking, fear: these are all thinking patterns that are habits. Habits that we need to get rid off and replace them with good ones. Every one of these behavior and thinking patterns can actually be interrupted and replaced.

Making decisions based on your feelings is robbing you of joy and opportunity. And if you accept the fact that you may never feel ready or you may never feel motivated, confident or courageous, that’s okay. But you can still push yourself forward, and what happens over time is, that you start to see yourself becoming the person that takes action and you build the skill of confidence and courage.

When you are not in control of your mind, you have the mentality of a victim. You blame others for all and you don’t take responsibility for your actions. Keep in mind that people who control their minds are the ones that have the power in their hands.   

“You have two choices. To control your mind or to let your mind control you.” -Paulo Coelho 


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