MORNING MOTIVATION – What Successful People Do In the First 8 Minutes of Their Morning



What Successful People Do In the First 8 Minutes of Their Morning


Video Summary: 

 When you start your day you must own your morning! When you wake up in the morning say: “Thank you for grace!” “Thank you for mercy!” “Thank you for understanding!” “Thank you for wisdom!” “Thank you for parents!” “Thank you for love!” “Thank you for kindness!” “Thank you for humility!” “Thank you for peace!” “Thank you for prosperity!” Say “Thank you!” in advance for what’s already yours! This is how I live my life and one of the reasons why I am today. Life doesn’t really happen to you. Life really happens for you!

My question today is: What kind of I am’s are coming out of your mouth? “I am victorious!” “I am blessed!” “I am talented!” “I am anointed!”

Make sure you have the right “I am’s” coming your of your mouth. Say “Thank you!” in advance for what is already yours!

What would be your perfect day? I mean your ideal day. A day that you went to bed that night and you just thought: “That was the most incredible day!” “That’s how I want most of my days of my life to be; just like that!” What would that perfect day be like for you? Don’t wait until the end of your life to have that ideal day. Don’t wait until next year or next week to have that type of day. We can choose to wake up every single day and live that day in an idealistic way for ourselves. In a way in which we show up as who we want to be. In a way in which we are doing things that enliven us and engage us and get us excited. In a way that we are doing things and being with people and creating experiences that feel alive and fulfilling.

We can have that type of what I call it “The charge life”. And everybody can have it!




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