OVERCOME LAZINESS – Powerful Motivational Video for Success & Studying 2017


Overcome Laziness

It is not that hard to overcome laziness. Laziness represents the mental state in which a person lacks the energy or the willpower to perform a given or a necessary task. Therefore, one of the most common types of laziness is the lack of willpower to get started.

We develop all kind of different mindsets and attitudes through our lives. And not a few times, we develop the feeling of laziness too. Some people might associate laziness with failure, while others associate laziness with pleasure and moments of relaxation.


“Laziness fuels more laziness. Activity fuels more activity.”


To fight laziness is necessary to realize that a specific mindset or a specific attitude can be wrong or not beneficial for you. Procrastinating work is not the right solution to avoid the tasks. Also, using laziness to avoid confronting your fears is not helpful either and it will only increase the problems you have.

Ending the feeling of laziness, or doing things that we don’t want to do is the most important part of gaining success. Things just have to get done, and we have to do them or make sure they are done. 

Lazy people often let the small tasks to go unfinished for a long time, while successful people make sure they make those tasks quickly and efficiently. 

“You owe you an explanation. Therefore, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and say: Why are you only giving 50%? What’s wrong with you? You need to tell you “No more TV, no more snacks, no more deserts!”, “No more alcohol, not right now, I can’t handle it right now.” You need to tell you that you owe you some.”

“Self-doubt, worry, procrastination, overthinking, analysis paralysis, fear – these are all thinking patterns that are habits. And every one of these thinking patterns or behavioral patterns can actually be interrupted and replaced. ” 

 “Replace excuses with effort. Overcome laziness with determination. And everything else will fall into place.”



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