OVERCOME DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY – Motivational Video (Very Powerful)


Overcoming depression and anxiety

In life, you will run across disappointments, you sure will. You’ll run across things that happen in your life, that are so wrong, but have a little saying: “In the end, everything will be okay.”

Depression is often misused to describe unhappiness. Being depressed is a very deep feeling of pain with no reason, where a person feels imprisoned in a dark room. In order to learn how to overcome depression and anxiety, one has to stop to find the cause for it.

If you have depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or any kind of mental health condition, keep in mind that it is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing that you need to hide.

There is one thing that if you would do it every single day, it would make an extraordinary difference in whatever mental health issue you are struggling with, and that is exercise. You gotta exercise every day. And the reason why you gotta do this is that what we know about human beings is that, when you physically move, your physiology changes and that changes your brain.

Get outside, breathe, feel connected. Leave out the house which may make you feel depressed and trapped. Get outside with your dog in the woods or walk with a good friend for a few miles.

Doing that every single day, not only moves your body and changes your mind. But it also creates a bit of momentum and a bit of routine in your life. You take on just that single thing. GET OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE EVERY SINGLE DAY AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS UPON IT. Because it does. You need it, your brain needs it, your body and you mental health needs it.

Overcoming depression and anxiety

“Your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise.” -Rumi


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