RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life



– Best Motivational Video for Success in Life –

Retrain your brain

Video Summary: 

“Anybody can do this, folks! Anybody can do this! This is not about a college degree. This is about massive amounts of action. To get attention for yourself, your brand, your company, your products, your ideas, your dreams. The disproportionate reason that most people will not win is actually not the hard work. It’s your lack of patience.

For some unknown reason, when people go into ventures like this and others things, they somehow miraculously think it’s gonna happen in five minutes. 

Whatever you want, you gotta commit all the way in and think in terms of domination, not a spectator. You don’t wanna be a spectator, folks! SPECTATORS PAY! PLAYERS GET PAID! Look around you! And what you see is average everywhere. Average is becoming an epidemic.

You don’t have people living up to their potential. You have people doing almost nothing. People retreating, backing up. People that are lazy. People that have checked out. People that are waiting for handouts and crumbs and think that will give them security. 

Your security, your family security, your future is left in your hands. Your destiny is yours. Not someone else’s! Nobody else can do this for you. Nobody else can do it for me. Now is the time to start again.

Greatness isn’t running 200 miles at a time or doing 400 push-ups. Greatness is whatever the hell you dream off in your own mind. You gotta first see it. You gotta first create this vision in your mind. And then that’s when I come into play. Once you create this vision in your mind, is how I’m gonna get there. But first, you gotta create your own vision. And it is not external. The vision you create is inside of you. “


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