1. My little brother who was only 17 years old , was died . He is our life . My mom and pa both start living a discrete and solitary life. And I feel very lonely because I don’t think to live without my bro . I spent my whole childhood with him. But now everything is finished. I want to live again as like we lived in previous years . I have a dream to be a mechanical engineer but I have no power and I disturb mentally . I know you always share videos to motivate us but now these all give any inspiration to me

    • I am really sorry about your loss! Hang in there! I can’t promise it will get better as it will not get better, but I do hope you can find the strength of accepting the idea of your brother loss and the power to find your peace and live your life exactly as you wish. Stick with your dream to be a mechanical engineer. I’m sure your brother wanted you to be happy and chase and achieve your dreams and he still wants it!

      Be strong!


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