Do you need to be an A-student to get a stunning career?


Do you need to be an A-student to get a stunning career?

The pressure of big career expectations, especially for a student, is a genuine burden during early stages of our lives. Just a few years ago, back at the time when I was starting my professional breakthrough, I believed that only A-students could make a stunning career. Fortunately, I realized that I was wrong.

Even though college is an important component of success, there are a few other qualities that influence your chances to make outstanding professional achievements. I will discuss it in this article and hopefully, encourage you to believe in yourself even if your student achievements were not perfect.

Traits that prove you have great potential 

Excellence is not only about the highest test scores and straight As. It is also about trying hard each day to improve and become better than yesterday. This will help you to develop additional skills and qualities. Here are some traits which present important preconditions for the successful career.


Whatever you do in life, you need the motive to keep you running. Always have a goal in mind and think about it when you face difficulties. Highly motivated persons are more engaged and don’t stop until they get the job done. Needless to say, this is the perfect way to thrill your employers and prove that you are a reliable worker.

Once you get out of the college, no one will ask you for the grades. All that matters now is how you perform and do you show desire and energy in work. People have different motives in life and you will often see great students who struggle in their careers later on due to lack of motivation. On the other hand, many average students find inspiration when they start working, which makes them great employees.


Hard work always pays off, no question about it. Diligent persons will find a way to stand out of the crowd in any type of professional environment. The reason is simple – disengaged employees cost companies too much. Odd as it may sound, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find respectable employees.

First of all, many rookies don’t work well, while the number of big talents is limited. That’s why industrious individuals tend to impress senior management. Professional diligence is what can make you better than the A-student and you should keep that in mind. Remember that movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”? Make sure to watch it any time your diligence runs out of steam.

Communication skills

No matter how good your test results were or how prestigious the college you attended was, it’s worth nothing if you don’t have powerful communication skills. It is crucial to be efficient in communication and to know people’s psychology. That way you can easily negotiate with clients, persuade them, or simply discuss any topic.

A recent survey even shows that as much as 60% of HR managers claim that new college graduates don’t have sufficient communication skills to be considered for available positions. It’s very good to have a distinguished diploma or make it to the top 5 students of your class but it is pointless if you don’t know how to behave in the office. Therefore, young people with high social intelligence easily win over more experienced colleagues.

Additionally, you would be surprised to see how many former presidents, businesspersons, artists, and other successful people were actually far from good students. We’ll mention only a few – Richard Nixon, Jeremy Clarkson, Steve Jobs, George H.W. Bush, Larry Ellison, and Benedict Cumberbatch. But the list could go on forever.


Pros of being an A-student

You must’ve realized by now that the highest grades aren’t the obligatory precondition for the stunning career. However, it is fair to admit that A-students do have certain advantages compared to their less successful peers. Here are some of these advantages:

  • It’s easier to find the first job: Since freshly graduated students usually don’t have previous work experience, future employers judge them by their academic success. Furthermore, big international corporations mostly look for smart students who already proved dedication and hard work during studies.
  • Specific positions: There are some fields of expertise which require a very specific knowledge. For instance, it is hard to image someone without a strong academic background to work in a chemistry lab.
  • It’s easier to fit in: With the baggage full of knowledge, it is less difficult for A-students to adapt to new environment and learn the job basics.


The beginning of the professional career is never easy both for highly successful students and underachievers. However, it is important to know that you need to be motivated and diligent to make a professional breakthrough. These are the basic preconditions that can lead to the fulfilling career. Keep this in mind and don’t worry about the grades. You build your own success.

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Olivia Ryan

Olivia’s biggest passion is writing. That is why she is a journalist by profession and explorer by her convictions. She does different types of writing for as well as different independent journalists researches. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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